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For the first time a surgical laser is available with soft tissue cutting characteristics like a CO2 laser, efficient coagulation like Nd:YAG, Continuous Wave (CW) operation for non-traumatic resection and fiber delivery for the application with flexible and rigid instruments in minimal invasive surgery.

RevoLix, the RevoLution in laser surgery, offers these advantages:
  • Cutting efficiency of soft tissue and hemostasis is superior to any known alternative
  • Compared to pulsed Holmium lasers, the required laser power is less than half
  • The tissue effect is restricted to less than 1 mm beneath the cut
  • Visibility is not impaired by excessive bubble formation, tissue fragments, ruptured tissue, visible laser radiation or coloring laser shields
  • Endoscope lenses remain clear when used in air
  • In prostate resection, RevoLix is faster compared to any Holmium laser and/or HF surgery
RevoLix, the RevoLution in Laser SurgeryWhy 2micron?
The wavelength of the RevoLix laser system, which is almost identical to the well accepted Holmium laser, is known for its suitability for resection and fragmentation, safe application in an aqueous medium and excellent haemostasis. Abundant 2micron laser power allows high cutting rates and short operation time.This wavelength provides strong absorption in any kind of tissue and gives access to a wide range of flexible fiber delivery systems.

Why Continuous Wave?
In contrary to ruptured cutting edges effected by the pulsed operation mode of Holmium lasers, the new RevoLix laser operates in a Continuous Wave mode and evaporates tissue continuously without generating pressure waves. Clean cuts are achieved by moving the fiber tip across the tissue.
The RevoLix system has proven its superior performance in endourological surgery (strictures, tumors, prostate), open surgery (circulated kidney, condylomata), gynecology and gastroenterology. Future applications will be addressed in laparoscopy, bronchoscopy and general surgery.