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DataSoft's Image Library ManagerDataSoft's Image Library Manager is a digital image management system which takes advantage of recent advances in both computer technology and in dermatological disease classification. It offers dermatologists a feature rich, yet easy-to-use system that greatly simplifies the task of creating, storing and cataloguing clinical images with full diagnostic and patient information. DataSoft's Image Library Manager has been written to a very high specification and incorporates a high level of functionality.

Additional features:
  • Fully resizable application window to allow for the largest number of thumbnail images to be viewed at once
  • Easier access to image and patient data
  • Improved thumbnail image quality
  • Customizable thumbnail image size making it easier to identify conditions within specific images
  • Option to display filename below thumbnails
  • Improved multiple file selection for import and export of images
  • Images may be cross-referenced to multiple diagnoses and custom diagnoses
  • Direct export of selected images to Microsoft Power-Point® making it even easier to prepare presentations
  • Direct export of selected images to email, an important feature for Teledermatology projects
  • Compare two images side-by-side
  • Images may now be loaded directly into the application from a digital camera